Tuesday, March 6, 2007

MonoDevelop Smart Indent

Since I joined the Mono team about 2 weeks ago, I've been working on a developer suite, MonoDevelop.

Anyways, for the past week or so I've been working on implementing "Smart Indent" for the editor to make my (and, likely, your) life easier when it comes to pumping out code. The less time I have to spending formatting my code, the more code I can write and the less frustrated and distracted I get having to fix the formatting. Net result? A happier programmer and more bang for the buck, which is what .NET is all about in the first place, right? ;)

So tonight, if you update your local MonoDevelop svn repository and build the latest revision, you'll be able to test out my first (of many?) gift to you, Smart Indent. May it put a smile on your face and make your dreams come true.

For those interested in how I did it, read on...

I started out taking a look at the old code. The way it worked was that effectively every time the programmer typed <Return>, it would take a peek at the previous line or two in order to get enough context to make a decision on how much to indent the code. Unfortunately, one or two lines is rarely ever enough context to really tell what is going on, so it was really difficult to get indenting right that way. I needed more context... way more context. Ideally, we'd also be able to readjust indenting on-the-fly as the user typed if he typed something that would change the indent level for that line (think: user types a lone '}' on a line to finish off a block).

To do this The Right Way(tm), I would need to keep a parse tree handy and keep it updated as the user typed, constantly checking state to see if the current line indent level needed to be altered. So that's effectively what I did... I wrote a state machine that kept a rough parse tree handy at all times (see Extras/CSharpBinding/FormattingStrategy/CSharpIndentEngine.cs for the code). It's somewhat crude, but it works (although I'm sure it will need some tweaking here and there). In order to keep the parse tree up-to-date, I hooked it up to the editor's KeyPress() event and that's where I did my tinkering with the indent level as well (after querying the CSharpIndentEngine state).

So there you have it...

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