Saturday, March 10, 2007

Indenting case contents

On Friday, I decided to start implementing some customizable settings for my Smart Indent feature in MonoDevelop. I started off easy by adding the ability to choose how you'd like to indent (or not) your goto labels:

When I had first implemented Smart Indent, I did a lot of mimicking of Emacs because that was my choice in editors. Having programmed in (nay, lived in) Emacs for going on a decade, I did with goto labels what Emacs did (in C), which is to say that I put them in column 2 (one space over from fully left-justified).

However, when I was rewriting my original implementation in C# using Emacs csharp-mode, I decided that when editing C# code, I much preferred the way csharp-mode unindented the goto label by only a single level. At first I was simply going to change the behavior but I had remembered that Visual Studio 2005 had an option for this, so I decided to implement the 3 options it had instead, defaulting, of course, to the same style as csharp-mode.

Today I implemented something a little more useful, a config option for case label indentation. While I was looking at Visual Studio's C# Formatting options, I discovered they had a "Indent case contents" option, so I figured I'd have a go at implementing that as well. After getting it to mostly work, I decided to test how exactly the option was handled in some situations in Visual Studio. Turns out, the option is completely ignored - no matter what the toggle state of the option was, it always indented case contents exactly the same. After discovering this, thinking it was a rather absurd option anyway, I decided to just drop it.

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