Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PulseAudio: A Solution In Search of a Problem

I upgraded the Linux OS on my laptop yesterday so that I had a more up-to-date GNOME installation such that I could actually build Evolution from SVN and hack it a bit to solve some annoyances I've been having. However, this is for another blog post.

So... PulseAudio. W. T. F.

All day yesterday I'd been wondering why my sound volume was so low even though I had cranked it all the way up to 100%. Since I was mostly focused getting work done yesterday, I didn't spend any time investigating until last night when I was forced to do so.

I don't remember the exact order of things, but I did watch an episode of Harsh Realm in Xine while also IM'ing some friends in Pidgin, but the sound was so low I could barely hear anything. So a friend on IRC suggested I kill pulseaudio and restart it as this supposedly would help fix the "wonkyness" (evidently I'm not the only one with PulseAudio problems).

This worked for a while, long enough to play the DVD iirc, but afterward I had no sound. So I thought "well, I guess this is just more PulseAudio 'wonkyness', so let me kill pulseaudio again". This time when I killed it, my sound card got flooded with every audio event that had happened over the hour or so I was running Xine. Yay. (that was a sarcastic yay in case you couldn't tell)

Audio worked again for a bit. At one point, a friend IM's me a link so I clicked it and no browser started up (which seemed a bit odd). Tried it again, still nothing. So I figured "ok, I'll just launch firefox from my gnome-terminal and see if that prints any errors". No errors, but it did just hang. Oh goodie. Ctrl-C'd and killed pulseaudio again. At this point my friend IM'd me again which made Pidgin completely lock up:

26422 fejj      20   0 3054m 1.3g  27m D  198 33.2  18:55.68 pidgin

So the issues of memory usage are perfect for another rant blog post, but the point is that pidgin is completely locked. I can't even kill -9 it (I tried multiple times).

I had to Ctrl+Alt+F1, login as root, and `init 3`

At this point I was so frustrated that I uninstalled each and every package with pulseaudio in the name before going back to X.

Low and behold, after that my audio works flawlessly (well, the Pidgin IM audio events make some crackling which I don't recall happening before I reinstalled, but I can live with it - especially since other audio seems crisp).

So yea... the stuff that the Linux Hater says is all true. He even complained about audio under Linux a while back (couldn't remember which entry it was with a quick look over the entry names).

The point of this story is that PulseAudio appears to be a solution in search of a problem (quite common in the land of Linux afaict).

As I was bitching about this to a hacker friend of mine, he asked me "isn't PulseAudio for sound mixing or something? So multiple programs can all play audio at the same time?".

Nope, because ALSA seemed to do mixing just fine for me in the past.

A quick Google search for PulseAudio reveals that it is supposed to allow fancy stuff like redirecting sound to another host machine for playing.

...just as I suspected: a solution in search of a problem.

Seriously though, who the hell needs that feature on their desktop/laptop machines? No one, that's who. The only people who might need that are thin clients - so why install it by default? Why not just have the sysadmins for those thin-client networks set this up?

PulseAudio is a clusterfuck for basic desktop audio needs afaict.


Update: Apparently I offended the PulseAudio developer with my "it's a solution in search of a problem" statement. For that, I apologize. A number of people have explained what exactly it is supposed to be solving. Unfortunately, none of the problems it is solving seem to be problems I need solved (maybe my sound cards in all my machines have hardware mixing support? I don't know. Or maybe dmix is plenty good enough for me).

However, I still get the feeling that PA is not quite ready for wide desktop adoption because people on other distros are having some of the same problems I had and this is not good.

I'd expect a similar rant from people if Evolution's current IMAP provider was replaced with my IMAP4 provider. As nice as my IMAP4 provider replacement is for my usage, there are no doubt new problems that it might currently have over the old implementation that would break things for some people. (Hence why I have not pushed for it to replace the old IMAP provider until I'm sure it is ready.)

Also, this was tagged as a rant. I had every right to be frustrated because things weren't working like they have worked Just Fine(tm) for me for years. I've had to put up with far worse personal attacks on myself and software I've been involved with over the years than anything I said on this blog (and lets face it, this was not a personal attack aimed at the PA devs - it was just me venting my frustration with a piece of software), so I think some people took this post way too personally.

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