Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Survive Poisonous People

This is an interesting Google Tech Talk about how to survive poisonous people in F/LOSS communities. I probably find it interesting at least in part because there are a couple of very loud poisonous people constantly attacking the GNOME and Mono projects (both of which I'm involved with), but it's a great talk to listen to anyway.

I personally love the "Hostility" slide at around 29 minutes into the talk:

  • Insults the status quo
  • Angrily demands help
  • Attempts to blackmail
  • Attempts to deliberately rile
  • Makes accusations of conspiracy (paranoia)

The bold/italic bit is a big hint-hint to the handful of people (not that they aren't also guilty of some of the others points) I'm referring to as the poisonous people around GNOME and Mono ;)

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