Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Better Alternative to the TSA?

Most everyone agrees that going through airport security and being groped by the TSA is not only offensive, but also a major nuisance.

How about replacing the TSA with privately run airport security?

It sounds like San Francisco travelers much prefer their privately run airport security than the TSA at all other US airports.


Erick said...

That's an awesome video. I didn't see it on the planet feed and went and got the link off youtube, came back to post it and found you already had. Very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Of course, this year's *other* notable private security company is G4S. Yes, the ones who completely screwed up the Olympics. Their previous greatest hits include losing several prisoners and killing a guy at Heathrow...

Jeffrey Stedfast said...


Yea, not all private security firms are top-notch.

It really comes down to picking the best people for the job.

Sometimes that will be Private Seurity Firm A, sometimes it will be Private Security Firm B, and *sometimes*... it might even be Government Security Firm.

There are 2 important points:

1. Government is not always better, cheaper, or more respectful of citizens.

2. It is important that people have the ability to choose an alternative if the current product (or Airport Security Firm in this case) isn't meeting the demands of the people buying.

ocrete said...

1. The Video is "private", can't play it

2. I've been flying quite a few times from SFO recently and I must say I didn't see much of a difference between them and the TSA.

3. Before the TSA monster was created, security was handled by a patchwork of private firms who had very variable quality.. And I doubt they were selected based on customer service quality by the airports.

Jeffrey Stedfast said...


I've just updated the video. It looks like they removed the one I linked and re-uploaded it(?).

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