Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Using Git

Now that Mono has moved to GitHub, a number of contributors (including myself) have been somewhat lost, not knowing how to properly use Git. So today, I'm recommending a book to help all the lost souls out there get comfortable with using Git.

As many long-time programmers probably know, O'Reilly books are top notch. Most probably also would not be surprised that O'Reilly has a book covering Git: Version Control with Git: Powerful Tools and Techniques for Collaborative Software Development.

Don't let the bat scare you.


Amber said...

I was there 6 months ago

I can recommend the following online resources

"Git Magic" (pdf/html)
- this is a relatively shallow introduction geared towards people with plenty of dev/vcs experience

"Pro Git" (pdf/html)
- This is more like a comprehensive book and a task-based reference. This will also cover the advanced operations, and the benefit is that you can glean the best practices from those.

Unknown said...

I bought this book as well a year ago after GNOME moved to Git. You're right, it's a good one!

Petr Uzel said...

There is also free alternative:

Hylke Bons said...

I just got this book too. It's a nice read. I can recommend it :)

Adam said...

Don't forget the really helpful people on the #git irc channel on freenode and to add a twitterfall on tweetdeck for a search on #git

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