Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking Back: 10 Years of Ximian

Nat and Miguel both reflected on the incorporation of Ximian which has made me a bit nostalgic myself. I've only been with Ximian for about 9 and a half years, but they have been pretty awesome years! I'm very thankful for having had the chance to be a part of something great and for having been able to work with both Nat and Miguel, 2 of my heroes.

The things I respect most about both Nat and Miguel are their positive attitudes and energy. They both have an amazing ability to inspire the people around them to do great things, and we did. From Ximian Desktop and Evolution to Mono, Moonlight and SuSE Studio. Nat and Miguel have set out to change the Linux Desktop for the better, and I believe they (and we, together with the rest of the GNOME and Mono communities) have accomplished that. So congratulations Nat & Miguel on 10 years of Awesome(tm)!


mdi said...

You are too kind Jeff!

Love you man!

Anonymous said...

Agree, thanks Nat, thanks Miguel. You guys truly are an inspiration for a lot of people. Also outside of Ximian / Novell.

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