Saturday, July 11, 2009

Re: Let's All Say It Together.

I wasn't at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009, so I'm learning about this second hand from people like David Schlesinger, Natin Yellin and a number of people I know personally who attended the conference. It is important for us to respect all of our peers no matter their skin color, their religion or other beliefs, their gender, or any other factor. And that goes for respecting people outside of our community as well.

Because of this, I am casting my vote:

STOP sexism by Casey West. License:
"I want the [...] open source [...] communities [I participate in] to be a dignified, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming place. … We’ve all been witnesses to off-color jokes, misogynistic back channel chatter, questionable imagery and unnecessary, trolling comments. I pledge to do better to stand up and call this behavior out when I see it in conferences, online and other public settings. I don’t expect it to go away but I’m not going to tacitly condone it any longer."

(From Nick via Luis via David)
Update: As Natan Yellin has commented below, he was not actually at the conference - it was my mistake in thinking he was.


Natan Yellin said...

I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't at GCDS myself.

I wrote my blog post after reading David's email exchange with Stallman and discussing the keynote with several other people who did attend.

It's good to see that other people were disturbed by the news too.

Jeffrey Stedfast said...

Natan: Ah, my mistake. After re-reading your blog, I see that you even stated as such.

Thanks for the correction!

çiçekçi said...

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Lefty said...

Thanks for your support on this, Jeffrey!

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