Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taking Over the World

I've just been informed that Moonlight has made it into the following distributions: openSUSE (obviously), Mandriva, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, and FreeBSD.

These are exciting times. One of the things that keeps me hacking on Free Software is the joy I feel when other people use my software because I know I'm helping to improve their Linux computing experience, even if only a little bit ;-)

On that note, Moonlight 1.0.1 has just been released the other day with fixes for the bugs people reported to us about the 1.0.0 release.

Jo Shields has also done the work to port Moonlight to ARM:

Update: Dieter has just informed me that Arch Linux also provides Moonlight packages in their distribution! Awesome, guys!


Anonymous said...

I didn't need to do any actual porting, other than fixing an insane sanity check in configure - Moon as-is is a delightfully cross-platform-clean piece of code, and it simply compiled on all architectures given the opportunity by the Ubuntu build daemons.

I wanted to test other arches too (PPC, Sparc) but couldn't get QEMU to behave - whereas QEMU guides for ARM are pretty good

Jeffrey Stedfast said...

Still awesome ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for completeness, links to the distro's package trackers:




openSUSE (direct RPM link, as is dead right now)


Mandriva (direct RPM link, as Mandriva's package tracker is shit)

Obviously, there's one big-name distro which seems to be skipping the party

Derivatives of the above distros will filter through within weeks/months

Unknown said...

Does it really have to say Novell Moonlight ? I mean not that I have anything against Novell but i would prefer it to be just Moonlight ;).

Anonymous said...

We (Arch Linux) provide it also :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dieter. The list is mine, and I forgot all about Arch. Evidently I'm not hip enough.

Anonymous said...

nice to hear that moonlight is shipped in all major distribution :) Keep up the great work!

Ismael Olea said...

Fedora packages are ready too.

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