Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alleyoop 0.9.4 released

It's been ages since the last release of Alleyoop, but an update has finally arrived. I've just fixed up Alleyoop to build on openSUSE 11.1 (some libbfd stuff has changed, apparently) and so I've dropped the need for libbfd and libiberty completely. The code that used those libraries didn't really gain us any extra information that Valgrind wasn't already giving us anyway, so it as rather pointless.

It looks like a year and a half or so ago I fixed some parser bugs too and just never made a new release with those fixes.

So now Freedom Lovers who prefer a GUI can once again Valgrind their applications 'til their heart is content.

You can download the new Alleyoop 0.9.4 package here.

Oh, also, if there are any bored web developers out there, I'd appreciate it if someone could make a less-ugly website than what is currently at In case you couldn't tell, I'm horrible at website design.

As another fabulous example of my webdesign prowess, take a gander at GMime's website. So yea, that site could also use a make-over.

Update: Thanks to Akos Kemives for his improved website design for Alleyoop!

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