Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Re: It's Time for a FOSS Community Code of Conduct

Bruce Byfield's article, It's Time for a FOSS Community Code of Conduct, has sadly made me aware that this particular problem is more widespread than I thought.

To Aaron Saigo & the rest of the KDE team: just keep rocking, dudes. Eventually these donkeys will either give up or be committed to mental institutions (or better yet, they'll cross paths with someone just like them and get what's coming around).

To the people out there attacking developers/projects:

Like I blogged a few years ago, rampant fanboyism is fine so long as you can keep it positive. You aren't doing the project you support any favors when you badmouth the other projects.

For example, GNOME devs aren't pleased when they see GNOME fanboys attack KDE all over forums or on news sites.

I'm sure the KDE devs feel the same way.

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