Friday, August 8, 2008

Time-off This Past Week

Took this week off from work to go visit family and did a bit of cycling in my quest to "get back into shape" (or some semblance of shape, anyway).

Started off doing an 8.5-mile hill climb to the top of the eastern hill at Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Mass which is about a 6% grade or so. Nothing awe-inspiring, but a bit of a workout for me. On Monday I continued with a 10-mile ride accompanied by relatives up in Rochester, NH - no major hills this time but quite a bit of ups and downs, so it was still a workout since I pushed fairly hard. Tuesday and Wednesday I did some 21-mile rides pushing hard and by the end of Wednesday's ride (in the pouring rain, btw) my legs could push no farther so I decided to take Thursday off. Traveled back home and cleaned as much of the sand/grit out of my bike as I could, de-greased and re-lubed my chain and derailleurs (looks like I picked up a little rust on my chain, but nothing major). Then today I went out to take on Blue Hills again, this time managing to push farther, so ended up climbing the eastern hill twice, once from each side. Coming from the west, the incline averages a good 7 or 8% iirc, so not too shabby. That puts me at about 70 miles so far this week.

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