Monday, April 21, 2008


Marc Maurer makes an interesting observation about OOXML vs ODF. Aparently, not a single GSoC applicant proposed to improve upon the ODF implementation in AbiWord, while they had numerous applicants that wanted to work on OOXML support.

I wonder what the ODF vs OOXML proposal stats are for some of the other free software office applications.


Pēteris Krišjānis said...

Well, because is good enough? :)

More seriously, it is interesting...I would like to improve ODF support, but I am not student...yet :) Maybe next summer.

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder at all. At this moment if you receive odf file you can open it reliable and work with it. With OOXML you can't. There's a real itch to fix that.

Anonymous said...

And next will all be about XPS

Inkscape already supports XAML!

Opensource developers crave for Microsoft technologies.

If Microsoft tell the world that the earth is flat open source developers would pick up the shovels and try to flatten the earth.

Anonymous said...

As I already said there ( ) this is a misunderstanding.

GSoC /students/ being more interested in OOXML does not necessarily say anything about the support of the ODT format by the FOSS community.

After all ODT support in AbiWord is fairly decent and a lot of the work has been done by volunteers.

- Rob
AbiWord Developer

Jeffrey Stedfast said...

Note that I said it was interesting, I never said that it was necessarily indicative of the FOSS community in general.

Also note that I was curious about what other projects got for proposals as far as ODF/OOXML support. From the sounds of it, KOffice got several proposals to improve ODF.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, I wanted to point out that Marc's original post was a misintrepretation, not yours. Sorry for the confusion.

- Rob

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