Monday, April 2, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Woke up this morning, went to get some breakfast in the kitchen and then heard this really odd whirring sound. At first I thought it was coming from outside, but as I started moving toward my window I passed by my desk and could definitely tell it was coming from my laptop. Sure enough, my laptop's hard drive was the culprit, so I immediately turned the computer off in the hope that I might be able to save my data later if I shut it down soon enough.

I've known I was going to need a new laptop sometime this year for a while (it's over 3 years old now), but I was hoping that I'd have gotten a new laptop before this one died so suddenly so that I could avoid losing all my data. Oh well...

Now I gotta make up my mind, do I want to go for a Lenovo T60 (my current one was a an IBM T40)? Or do I want to try a Macbook?


xanadont said...


I work on the "Microsoft" team at a consulting company. The team mostly has HPs and IBMs where 3 are Lenovos. Two team members develop on Macbook Pros using Parallels. The only laptops that haven't had any problems are the Macbooks. Even after I tried to kill one in spite by pouring tea on it; it survived unscathed.

Just my $.02.

Anonymous said...

What's the story for doing mono development on a macbook pro? Is there a slick way to boot camp Ubuntu? Or do you just Parallels that and loose Compiz?

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a T60, and have to say, its really nice. Almost everything works (havent tested the IR and the modem). I definitely would recommend it. It has to be one of the nicest laptop that Ive seen/used.

Worth mentioning is that its the SXGA+ screen with the Intel GMA video card.

Jeffrey Stedfast said...

Thanks for the testimonials, guys :)

Anonymous said...

I own a Macbook and a DELL Inspiron 9400.
I can't say I'm to happy with the MacBook,
aside from the fact it gets really warm, it has a terrible keyboard layout with lots of keys required for programming such as {, }, [ and ] simply missing. (May be because they couldn't cram the AZERTY layout on there if they left them in)

It's nice to have as a second laptop,
if you don't own one of them really small laptops from Sony or MSI. Compared to my Dell it's really portable.

It's up to you m8, but if you're planning on writing a lot of code, make sure you get an extra keyboard which you'll be using at all times.

Unknown said...

I've just switched from a Lenovo R60 (same motherboard as the T60) to the Macbook Pro. Since I didn't want all the junk that comes pre-installed with the Lenovo I installed my own copy of XP (Lenovo doesn't give you a copy of XP, just recovery stuff). Apart from trying to get all the right drivers from Lenovo, I never got the keyboard and mouse to reliably work. Sometimes took 10 reboots before I could actually log in.
Am now a happy Macbook Pro user.

Cobo said...

I can't say nothing but good things about the Macbook's keyboard. Is the smoothest one I've ever tried. It lacks some keys such a "Supr" one, but you can assign that to one of those that makes an apple's nonsense (like the little intro next to arrow keys).

Configuration for triple boot the systems (MacOSX, Windows and Linux) is a little bit tricky but nothing that can't be done, and you get an all-platform PC.

I haven't tried a Lenovo but the Macbook option is totally recommendable. Just wish Apple gave support to Linux as they do with Windows (Bootcamp and drivers).


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