Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Luck, Bad Luck

Things are not always as bad as they first appear.

There once was a farmer living in the country with his wife and son. One day, one of their horses escaped from the stable.

Bad luck, their neighbors said.

The father took his son to go look for the horse. In so doing, they came across a dozen wild horses which they rounded up and brought back with them.

Good luck, they thought.

A few days later, while trying to tame one of these wild horses, the son broke his arm.

Bad luck?

The very next day, the army marched through town gathering all the abled young men into their ranks. The son was wounded and so wasn't drafted.

Good luck.

A few months ago, I lost my job. Bad luck, you ask? Not at all. When I was laid off, I had been feeling burnt out and really needed a good break from programming. The two and a half months of unemployment gave me the necessary time to regain my passion. As it turns out, I was hired by one of my best friends and mentors, Miguel de Icaza, to join him on his Mono team (which just so happens to be the "dream job" I had wanted before getting laid off).

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