Saturday, March 31, 2007

Daily Show on Iran

I can just see this Iran situation fueling the fire if Iran doesn't give up the British soldiers soon (lets hope it's not too late already). As far as I understand it, the Brits had already decided to pull out of Iraq over the next months (year? I don't remember exactly what the timeline was supposed to be) - point is, they were pulling out, now Iran is giving them reason to stay. Why? It seems to me that Iran had already "won", the Brits were pulling out and it looks like we (the Americans) will be pulling out over the course of this year as well (thank God). It just seems counter-productive for Iran to be doing this... Do they want to be invaded? What's their deal? I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Well I disagree with you. What British did is illegal. They can't just send their solders into foreign soil. Well if Iranian are threating them at least according to US brilliant interpretation of Geneva convention. That's fine by me. And that includes being locked up for 5 years without any rights. US started it with full support of Brits. They created this mess.

Anonymous said...

The British were, at worst, in disputed waters. They did not attack the Iranians. This puts the Iranians on the side of wrong, by any reasonable person's view. Iran just wants to be the little mouse that roared.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters who is right or who is wrong. The British soldiers did not attack Iranians and, imho, if Iran doesn't want to start a war, then it is in their best interest to "forgive and forget", especially since there was no hostile actions taken against Iran by the British. Like Jon Stewart said, if Iran is so arrogant to think that they even stand a chance against Britain (or the US who is very likely to get involved - Bush will take any excuse to attack Iran)... fine, but they better expect to get raped so hard it'd make their heads spin. The Americans and British probably won't make the same tactical mistakes they made when they attacked Iraq (even with all the tactical errors made by the Americans in the initial invasion of Iraq, they were very successful and had extremely few casualties).

Anonymous said...

First Anon: Reasonable people can forgive and forget, no harm done. Those British soldiers are people and they have families back home who love them. Maybe even children.

Why should those individual soldiers be punished on Britain's behalf? For something so rediculously silly? Oh no, they crossed an imaginary line drawn in a waterway where no one can agree where said line is even drawn.

Does the punishment fit the crime? I hardly think so. Not to mention that Iran intends to find them guilty whether they are or not. Iran is hardly being Just nor Fair.

I think we all want this war to be over:

- Iraqis want to go back to being able to freely murder each other

- Iran wants America gone so they can take control of Iraq

- Other Arab countries want America out of Iraq because they feel threatened

- Americans want America out of Iraq because they don't see the point.

Why try to help these people? They don't seem to want it, they don't want to learn to live together in peace, they only seem to want genocide of the other sects. Suni's hate Shiites, who both hate the Kurds, who hate each of them in return.

Actually... Suni's killing Shiites killing Kurds killing Suni's would make for a PERFECT RealityTV show. Can't you imagine? Billions of people world-wide tuning in each week to see which Arab father would strap a bomb to his 8 year old son's chest and send him at one of the other Arab sects.

Pretty sad, no? What's even sadder is that the Iraqis are actually doing this to each other. It blows the mind that they are capable of such hatred.

Anonymous said...

Yes British soldiers have families. So does hundreds of innocent people that were held in Guatemala by US without any rights. So much for double standards. Besides Iranian didn't attack British. They were just taken into custody for trespassing. And they are treated far better than people in Guatemala. Personally I would exchange Blair for Brit soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Indian living in the United States and think I can take an objective view of the situation:

1) Neither the US nor Britain will tolerate the presence of Iranian soldiers in their waters or anywhere nearby. Why can't Iran feel the same way? While they have obviously botched their show of national pride, I don't think the arrest of the British soldiers was entirely uncalled for.

2) Headscarf on the British female soldier? - another example of Islamic fundamentalism.

3) I'm a big fan of TDS, but think Jon Stewart is getting too preachy lately - any takers?

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